Welcome to Perry Video & Photography

Welcome to Perry Video & Photography
Lindley - Egan Wedding at Memorial Drive Presbyterian and Paraiso Maravilla in 2009

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Perry Video Productions to Feature Musicians, Designers, Artists

Perry Video Productions will soon feature Talent on their new blog site www.perryvideo.com.

The link is still being sorted out, but visit this one for now.  Soon to showcase Artists, Musicians, and Designers we love and get inspiration from to use in film production for our Houston Brides, Houston Weddings, and Commercial Film Production.

As a teaser...our first featured Artist will be Abe Quigley.  Abe is an amazing musician artist who we have used in a Wedding Film in the past.  Much of his music is more than just for wedding video or wedding film.  It is great to just relax and listen to.  Stay tuned...!

Very excited to promote these talented Artists soon!

Jack & Julie