Welcome to Perry Video & Photography

Welcome to Perry Video & Photography
Lindley - Egan Wedding at Memorial Drive Presbyterian and Paraiso Maravilla in 2009

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lauren & Brad Congdon - First Presbyterian & The Houstonian Hotel - June 4, 2011

Happy 1 month anniversary, Lauren and Brad!  Julie, myself, and our crew had a great time with them at their wedding last month.  First Presbyterian Church in The Museum District of Houston and at The Houstonian later that night for their reception.

We loved how they took a moment to hold hands, but not see look at each other before the ceremony.   That was really special.  (wish I had done that with my wedding!)  John Ly, our photographer friend got a good shot of this too.

The DJ at The Houstonian Damon Pampolina with PRP Entertainment brought tons of fun energy to the party.  He is great.  Always has been every time we work together.

Enjoy their Highlight Video!
Jack & Julie

Flowers - Plants N Petals
Dress - Priscilla of Boston - Melissa Sweet (Designer)
Invitations-- Bering's - Vera Wang (Designer)
Photographer - John Ly Photography
Caterer  - The Houstonian

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